Pre-Trades Process

Morning Glory Tree

Pre-trades can be arranged before the day of the Swap and exchanged the day of the swap.

If you prefer to just take your items and make your trade agreements the day of the swap, that is okay also.  But, please register to reserve table space in the shade.

Your trade list can contain any number of items from 1 to 100.

Please remember to also register.

(No Money Changes Hands – Only Plants and Plant Related Items)

Please send a list of your Haves and Wants and it will be posted on a web-page. 

See trade lists in links below.

To set up a trade, contact the person directly.


Haves & Wants

Cathy Janke

Cliff Tomplait

Dana Do – Revised

Elizabeth Fisher – Revised

Flowerful One

Sandra McCully 

Sasha Reddy 

Troy Merchant 

Viola Charo

Donna Kinerd