Simple Rooting Instructions

Written By Donna Kinerd

It is really very simple and easy to root plant cuttings.  I have used the method below on most plants for many years and have had a very good success rate.

Some plants require special procedures.  It is always good to Google the name of the plant you are about to root and read articles written by experts.

I take a cutting from a branch (hard word) about 10 to 12 inches long, make a diagonal cut on the bottom end of a branch just below where a leaf was attached, dampen it and dip it in Rooting Hormone, shake off the excess, then stick it in a pot filled with damp potting soil.  Trim off the large leaves but leave a couple small ones at the top.

Make sure the pot, plastic cup, etc. has enough holes in the bottom so that there is good drainage. Several cuttings can be put in one medium sized pot and separated once they are well rooted.

Put the pot in a shaded area and keep moist. Within a couple of weeks or so you should start to see new growth. It is best to let it get well rooted and perhaps put it in a larger pot for a few weeks in the suggested amount of sun or shade before planting it in the yard. I recommend starting several cuttings because some may not make it. If they all live then you have starts to share, barter, trade or use for gifts.