Rooted Plants


  • Check around growing plants to see if there are any babies. If so, carefully dig them up, get as many roots as possible.
  • If you do not have an extra pot to put them in, use a plastic cup, coffee can, milk carton, plastic pot, styrofoam cup, or even plastic bags.
    • You will find a lot of good uses for plastic grocery bags for this swap.
    • Keep the rooted plant damp, not wet, before the day of the swap.
  • Start plants from seeds from your yard or your neighbors (ask first). A lot of trees have seed balls or form beans filled with seed.
  • Free is best but, seeds can be purchased and a lot of plants can be grown and used for trade items.
    • Plastic cups with holes in the bottom for drainage can be used as starting pots.
  • Take cuttings at least a month before the swap from your yard or your neighbors (ask first) and you will have rooted plants to trade.