Read the Labels on Plants

Please read the labels on plants, if it says zone 8 or lower, chances are it won’t grow here, especially if it doesn’t even include zone 8 or 9. ┬áPlease, folks, remember also that just because it says zone 9 doesn’t mean it is referring to Texas or Florida zone 9 weather, zone 9 includes areas along the east and west coast that never see hot temps in the summer, and have much more humidity than we do. Just like they are unable to grow many zone 9 recommended plants that we are able to grow, because we DO have the heat and sun. My rule of thumb is to look and see if the recommended area includes very low zones (zones 4-6 or lower) as well as zone 8 or 9, chances are it won’t┬álike our heat at all, or we won’t be able to give it the chill hours needed. If a plant includes zone 7-10 only, then it is more suitable for us. If a plant says zone 9-11, then it will do fine here, but probably need some protection if we have a hard winter. If it is zone 8-10, it more likely do very well here.

These are not “etched in stone” rules, but from my experience and others, these are very reliable guidelines.