Play by the Rules

Most “Plant People” are considerate, thoughtful, generous and happy to share what they have.

The Rules are based on being considerate, thoughtful, fair and showing common courtesy.

  • Do not expect to attend the swap and walk away with anything without bringing something to trade.
  • Only traders will be eligible for the door prize drawings.
  • Plants are not to be taken from a table unless permission is given by the Swapper of that table.
  • Plants under tables, or any place other than the top of the table, are off limits.

Pets and Children – Please keep in mind that many plants are poisonous if eaten and many have thorns or can cause allergies. The beautiful plant pictured below, is a perfect example of a plant that is poisonous if eaten by children or pets.  Children should be supervised at all times and please do not bring pets.

Park Rules – Glass beverage containers are not allowed in the Park. Please make sure your table and area is left clean and free of trash. If the pavilion and area is left undamaged and clean, the deposit check will be returned and we will be welcomed back next year.

No money changes hands only plants and plant related items.

So that we will be prepared for the number of attendees, please register.

Angel Trumpet