Donna Kinerd’s Haves & Wants


Donna’s Pre-Trade List  

Please see my list below.

Please select up to 5 items that you would like to trade for.  I will not bring everything on the list unless there are requests.   I only have enough for a few trades of some items.  Please let me know what you have to trade, it can be anything plant related including aged horse or cow manure for fertilizer.

To find pictures and growing instructions for any plants that do not already have a link, do a Google Search or go to  Dave’s Plant Files.

On Dave’s site, just copy and paste the name of the plant into blank space under “What are you search for” and click on “Search Plant Files”.

Please feel free to contact me at



Plant Trade List
Black Pepper Plant (Piper Nigrum) –  Rooted Plants – no more potted plants but, can bring cuttings.
Candle Stick Plant – Seeds
Cassia Tree – Seeds – Orange and Yellow
Christmas Cactus – Cuttings – Pink with White edges
Golden Rain Tree – Seeds
Hibiscus acetosella – Haight Ashbury seeds– Red leaves & Red blooms
Hoya (Princess) – Cuttings
Orchid Tree – Seeds
Rose of Sharon – Cuttings, Seeds
Sinningias Tubiflora, plants
Star Fish Cactus – Cuttings  – None left
Queen’s Tears – Plants 
Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow Cuttings
Plumeria and Desert Rose (Adenium) Seeds (5 seeds each trade)
Plumeria and Desert Rose – Seedlings 

Plant Related Items – Trade List

 Plastic Nursery Pots (all sizes)


If I don’t have it, I probably want it!

Passion Vines
Bottle Brush Plant – Cuttings
Blooming Bushes – Cuttings
Tropical Plants Hibiscus Cuttings
Indoor House Plants – Cuttings
Plumeria (Cuttings, Plants)
Desert Rose (Adenium) – Plants 
Ferns (That I don’t already have)

Plant Related Items

  • Trellis
  • Clay Pots
Donna Kinerd
Thanks for “Trading” with me.