Haves & Wants

Allamanda violacea Cherry Jubilee

If you would like to post your Trade List, please send it, in an email or as a Word Document, and it will be posted on a web-page.  Please send your list to donnakinerd@sbcglobal.net.

Others can contact you and you can set up pre-trades.  Your trade list can contain any number of items from 1 to 100.

Interested Swappers can do a Google search for pictures and care instructions.  But feel free to send pictures and links if you wish.

You can use your first name only or an alias if you wish. Private information such as phone numbers or addresses will not be included on your web-page.

Please remember to include the email address that you want to be posted on your web-page.

Trade agreements are arranged privately between the two traders and will not be posted.

Trade lists will be posted closer to the date of the Plant Swap.

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