The Goal and Mission of the Greater Mission Bend Area Council is to provide a voice for the citizens of the Greater Mission Bend area to present and address our common issues.

Currently the GMBAC represents approximately 50% of the approximately 65,000 residents living in the Greater Mission Bend Area.   (Read More)

Orchid Cactus Story

By Donna Kinerd

The Orchid Cactus (pictured) is the plant that is featured in the header of the www.GMBAC.com website.

In September 2008, just before Hurricane Ike, it was loaded with buds  and some of the leaves were 4 feet long.  The leaves  must have been flapping in the 100 mph winds. Even though there was no way to fully protect it because it was so large (4 feet tall by 4 feet wide), the storm did not severely damage it. Two days after the storm, it bloomed!  But, it wasn’t so lucky during the severe winters of 2009 and 2010. It froze to the ground.